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How do I sign up for TMW account ?

I don’t have an account on TMW. Can I still recharge ?

What can I do with the app ?

Where can I download the app and is it free ?

Is my credit/debit card information completely safe on your App ?

Why TMW ?

I am not able to get the One Time Pin (OTP),
What should I do ?

I am not able to complete registration, What should I do ?

How can I load Money ?

How do I transfer money to a friend?

How do I request for money from a friend ?

What happens if I send money to friend who does not have TMW app?

How do I pay the merchant?

I have forgotten my password, What do I do ?

I have forgotten my MPIN, What do I do ?

Can I save the details for future use ?

Is there any limit on the details that I save ?

Where can I find the details, I have saved ?

How do I see the history of the spending I have done ?

How do I change my password?

How do I change my MPIN?

How do I disable my MPIN?

How can I book bus tickets ?

How can I book airline tickets ?

How can I book hotel rooms ?

How can I book a Taxi ?

How can I cancel bus ticket, air ticket or hotel booking on TTS?

How can I change bus ticket booking on TTS?

Can I transfer wallet money to my bank account?

Are there any charges for bank transfer?

How much time does it take for the transferred funds to reflect in the bank?

What is the minimum amount that can be transferred?

What is the maximum amount that can be transferred?

How many Beneficiaries can I add?

How can I recharge my Mobile Phone ?

How can I pay the postpaid bill of my Mobile Phone ?

How Can I recharge my DTH Connection ?

How can I pay my electricity Bills ?

What are the service providers that I can pay my electricity bills for?

How can I Recharge My Data Card ?

How can I pay my Landline Bill ?

How can I pay my Gas Bill ?

How can I pay my Broadband ?

How can I pay my Insurance Premium ?

Can I pay bills for others too ?

What are Reward Points ?

How do I Earn Reward Points ?

How do I Go from One Level to Another in the Loyalty Programme ?

How many Reward Points do I Earn ?

How do I Redeem Reward Points ?

What is a Gift Card?

Who can use it?

How can I Purchase a gift card?

How can I send a gift card to a friend?

I have received a Gift Card from my friend. How can I purchase a Brand Gift Card?

Can I convert the Gift Card I received from my friend to cash or Wallet balance?

I have sent a Gift Card to my friend, but he is not registered to TMW?

Where can I view the Gift Card that I have purchased?

What is Nearby Feature?

How can I use nearby feature to reach shops?

How can I pay at retail outlets ?

Can the Merchant request for a payment to my TMW App ?

What is My Favourites and how can I Save and Access My Favourites ?

Can I Invite a Friend to start using the
TMW App ?

What kinds of TMW accounts can I have ?

What does PCI-DSS certified mean?

Why is my TMW account blocked? How can I unblock it?

How can I shop using TMW app?

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