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What is The Mobile Wallet (TMW) App?

From where can I download this App?

How do I register if I don't have a smart phone?

Where can I use my TMW balance?

What regulation does TMW follow

How secure is the TMW App?

Who is eligible to hold TMW account?

Is there any registration fee for the TMW account?

On what phones is The Mobile Wallet App available?

How do I sign up for TMW account through the App?

How do I sign in to my account?

How do I Load my Wallet / Load Money into my TMW?

Do I need to pay any fee for loading my TMW wallet?

What kinds of TMW accounts can I have?

How do I get my card TMW Card?

Do I need to submit any documents to order/purchase/activate my TMW Card?

Is the TMW Card card issued by a bank?

How do I activate my TMW Card?

How many TMW Cards can I activate?

What all does TMW Card packaging contain?

Is there any charges for ATM withdrawal using the TMW Card

Can I enable ATM withdrawal facility?

Can I disable ATM withdrawal facility?

What happens to my KYC limit once I activate ATM withdrawal service of my card?

What happens if I loose my card?

How can I Request for Money?

How can I send Money to someone?

How do I find places that accept The Mobile Wallet?

How do I make payments at partner merchant store through the App?

Can the Merchant request for a payment to my TMW App?

Can I transfer funds to bank?

Where can I check all available offers?

How do I Earn Reward Points?

How many Reward Points do I Earn?

How do I Go from One Level to another in the Loyalty Programme?

What is My Favourites and how can I Save and Access My Favourites?

Can I Invite a Friend to start using the TMW App?

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